Detroit Sound Project #flashback is our campaign to push forward and get the final funds we need to complete principle photography of our feature documentary on the history of Detroit Techno music. #flashback are 10 magical moments we've compiled over the journey of making this film we want to share over the remaining course of our current fundraiser.
We take our role seriously in the musical Eco-system, so when we ask you for your support you best believe we are working hard for to truly tell a unique and moving story of a city and sound that has had so much of a positive impact on people's idea of what good music is and what it meant to their lives.

Using either a photo or video, we will tell a story about the #flashback and why it's important to us at the #detroitsoundproject.

That brings us to this #flashback @DEEP5 in the DJ booth with three of Detroit's most prolific DJs and PRODUCERS - Kai Alce (NDATL), Norm Talley and, the leader of the New School, Kyle Hall.

The first thing I remember about this night is that Kai is family and this party is a mandatory goto any Movement festival I attend. Now, I say its family not only because I've known Kai for more than 20 years, but because this party is a family operation. Mrs. Alce and his older sister are on the door, so its always good to see them and catch up a bit. Yet, this party is consistently packed beyond capacity and getting to the booth is no simple feat providing I didn't get there at sound check. When I got to the booth this night it was a guy with a cell phone camera with his light from his phone on recording Norm's mix. Who am I to say turn the light off on your cell phone your ruining the the experience for everyone else here not to mention your killing my shot; but this is the new media game and first rule is everybody "got to get that footage." People making movies with iPhones now. Whatever the case, its me, guy with the cell phone and KAI, NORM and KYLE in the booth @DEEP5.

This is the first time I've seen Kyle without his partner in crime Jay Daniel; and, more importantly, the first time so up close and personal. I wonder what the other guy did with his footage? Enjoy this #flashback and hit up the website detroitsoundproject.com or our fundrazr bit.ly/1cIncHy so we can push it forward and make this documentary all we envision. Feel free to drop us a tip as well. Thanks in advance.


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