STORMS OF THE GREAT PLAINS - With Greg McLaughlin & Casey Zandbergen. A long day of storm chasing in Central Kansas pays off with a long rope tornado touching down near Gorham Kansas just as the sun sets. Also featured are Skip Talbot & Caleb Elliott of as they pursue the same storm, providing a rare aerial perspective of the storm. Music by William Stromberg.

STORMS OF THE GREAT PLAINS is a documentary reality television series that enables the viewer to experience what it’s really like to chase severe storms on the Great Plains of the United States. This unique parcel of American real estate, known as Tornado Alley, boasts the greatest concentration of tornadic activity, more than anywhere else in the world.

This half-hour television series places the viewer right in the middle of the action with veteran storm chasers as they endeavor to forecast and chase the most violent and dramatic thunderstorms on earth. High-definition 1920 x 1080 cameras follow these rogue weather enthusiasts as they navigate the back roads of the plains, searching for their next encounter with Mother Nature’s untamed fury.

Each spring, the chasers analyze the data and carefully position themselves to catch a glimpse of the “storm of the day.” Storm chasing is very demanding and commonly dictates that chasers drive hundreds, even thousands of miles crisscrossing the Great Plain states in order to position themselves for the next storm.

With their vehicles equipped with the latest storm tracking technologies, the chasers are able to analyze up-to-the-minute radar and satellite imagery, current observations, and computer forecast models that simulate the atmosphere depicting both current and upcoming weather patterns. These forecast models are sometimes scrutinized up to a week or more in advance, and update constantly as the actual day of the storm draws closer. All of these resources assist the chasers in making informed decisions to select the most promising storms to chase.

Each episode of STORMS OF THE GREAT PLAINS offers the viewer a unique opportunity to witness first-hand, the awesome power of nature’s fury, as back dropped against the timeless beauty of the Great Plains.

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