UNFORTUNATELY, this HD Video is incomplete. Trying to cover both Queenscliff Music Festival and CherryFest013 took it's toll on my camera equipment, as all of my memory cards were full and I had no battery power left. Better this is still better than no footage at all. ENJOY! Sorry about the ending.

Twice a year the best rock'n'roll bar in Melbourne hosts a special music festival. With the looming structure of apartment block at the end of AC/DC Lane, will this be the last time the Melbourne music loving community get to party out?

This is the second CherryFest where rock'n'rollers are taking over two stages in AC/DC Lane, the rockiest lane in all of Melbourne. Headlining is The BellRays, with the amazing Lisa Kekaula busting our her high octane vocals with her energetic band. The Powder Monkeys are performing the last ever show with guest vocalists Joel Silbersher (God & Hoss) and Pudgey O'keefe. The rock trio from Berlin, Kadavar will fry your brains with their unique brand of stoner rock. The young American-Swedish-French quartet, Blues Pills are taking soul music, combined with blues and rock’n’roll and turn it into a new force with their blonde archangel & soul-saviour Elin Larsson, guiding you gently into a new world of soulful rock.

The amazing list of local bands on the bill include Money For Rope playing their first gig from their triumphant return from Europe plus Chris Wilson’s Crown Of Thorns, Legends Of Motorsport, Hoss, The Mercy Kills, The Deep End, The Sweethearts, Dead River and Sheriff.

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