Um link entre o festival recbeat, gratuito no carnaval do recife, e novos paradigmas do cenário musical pós-internet (como o copyleft) - Connections between the recbeat festival - free of charge in the carnival of recife - and new paradigms of the musical scenario after internet.

Interviews with Lawrence Lessig (lawyer and creator of creative commons licensing), Ronaldo Lemos (lawyer, director of creative commons in brazil), dj Spooky (turntablist and producer), John Barlow (former lyricist for the Grateful Dead, cyberlibertarian and member of Electronic Frontier Foundation), Gilberto Gil (musician and Brazilian Minister of culture), and attractions as Nação Zumbi, the old scholl samba singer Riachão, the freak singer Cinval do Coco Grude, Pavilhão Nove and Jumbo Elektro from São Paulo, Turbo Trio from Rio de Janeiro, traditional bands from state of Pará - in the north of Brazil, a group of tango from Argentina, Siba and Fuloresta (maracatu), Eddie, Benzina, poet Miró and others.

Direção, edição e câmera: Pedro Bayeux. Brasil, 2006 - Direction, editon and camera: Pedro Bayeux. Brazil, 2006.

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