NT threads (quotes) LXX series. Yet more proof how the KJVO people are insane. For they claim that the LXX, Greek Old Testament, was an invention of the 3rd century AD. Which would make your entire Bible, a lie.

So let's examine proof that the KJVO are liars, shall we?

Patrick Henry said, 'Give me liberty or give me death!' Suppose I then say, 'give me Christ or give me death!' Wouldn't you know immediately that I was equating Christ with 'liberty', because you knew the original quote?

Witty, to take something well-known, change it slightly in a requote. Bible is the wittiest of books. So it does this requoting a lot -- in the NT. From, the LXX.

In 1Cor1:19: Paul cleverly changes only one word in the famous Isaiah 29:14 quote, to show how the upgrade of the Cross, exposes the alleged 'wisdom' of the world, as foolish. So here we see the most common rhetorical style for OT LXX quotations: the 'old' truth is woven into the 'new' truth which Christ bought by means of His Victory on the Cross, for Church.

Thus Isaiah 29:14 is fulfilled! All this, shown by merely quoting Isaiah 29:14, and then changing one word at the end -- from the LXX!

Such quotations are never mistakes. They are famous forms of Greek wordplay. The same thing was done in all Greek literature, and was expected. You quoted something already known, and then slightly CHANGED the quote, to demonstrate the new, threaded meaning. So God uses this rhetorical style to show how the OT is fulfilled in Christ, and how Church inherits an UPGRADED spiritual life. This is done thousands of times in the NT.

Every Bible quote in the NT uses this style, so study the pattern. That way you'll laugh when someone tries to claim the Bible contradicts itself, because the NT quote isn't the same as the OT. And then you will prove the scoffer, foolish.

Most foolish of all, are the KJVO people. For they are out to trash the entire Bible (unwittingly, of course) by claiming the LXX was the invention of Origen, in the 3rd century AD. BECAUSE THEY CANNOT READ THE GREEK -- but pretend they can -- they don't realize how their claim against the LXX, proves them fools. They don't realize how their claim thus trashes their own KJV, which after all is a translation using the Greek NT, which itself quotes FROM the LXX. So their claim that Origen wrote the LXX, is a claim that their own KJV is a fraud.

See: carnal Christians are so dumb, they don't even know when they've proven themselves liars.

File Name: LXX1c, 2/11/10.

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