The Expression of Transformation

1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Rob Orr

• Transformation in the fellowship of believers is expressed in:

Ø Respect for the leaders of the church, vs. 12-13., Heb. 13:17

Peace with each other, vs. 13.

Ø Patiently meeting each other's needs, vs. 14.

Ø Blessing each other, vs. 15., Rom. 12:17-19

• Transformation in the individual life of faith is expressed in:

Ø A life characterized by joy, vs. 16., Gal. 5:22-23, Eph. 5:18-19

Ø Unceasing prayer, vs. 17.

Ø Thankfulness, vs. 18., Rom. 1:21

Ø Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, vs. 19-21., Acts 17:11

Ø The pursuit of holiness, vs. 22.

• Transformation in the believer's relationship with the Lord is expressed in faith in Him to sanctify us and to cause us to persevere, vs. 23., Matt. 5:9

• The calling of God is always also the enabling of God, vs. 24.

Ø God will never call us to do something that He won't also give us the power to do.

• Transformation is best expressed in a life full of grace, vs. 28.

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