Based on the poem "The Philosophy of Wood" by Pablo Saborio

Starring: Elias Ramirez
Director: Jaime Lastimosa
Co-director/Cinematographer: Jamie Oliveira
Co-directors/Gaffers: Ju Ning Lu, Jeremy Santiago
Editors: Jaime Lastimosa, Jamie Oliveira
Co-director/Sound Mix: Elias Ramirez

The Philosophy of Wood by Pablo Saborio:

The table
no time for its
and absurd
chair leaning against
the table’s futile stance.

I’m a pragmatic man
so I have no use for knowing

The table
studies its own nature
by looking at its askew shade.
Chair, somberly
contemplating suicide
because it wants to remove
its painfully ingrown nails.
Paradoxically they keep it alive,
in form, in function.

I have only one reality and the clarity of purpose.

My furniture’s
is a trifling problem
in my busy condition.

The table has begun questioning things.
It likes it when I leave Camus
on its surface.
I hear the creaky whisper, quoting:
‘the human wooden heart has a tiresome tendency
to label as fate only what crushes it.’

Absurdly, the chair stares at the modernity
of my modus operandi.

I cannot be stopped to wonder.
Progress is my mission.

The table is a stranger to itself.
The chair competes
for my attention.

I have appetites that the world
cannot satisfy.

Table is dissatisfied with its lucidity,
through logic the chair has
arrived at the conclusion that
knowledge is a form of chaos.

I’m a man of the world in spite of everything.

In spite of poverty, war, injustice or
my furniture’s uncertainty and their long
episodes of incoherent silence.

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