Shows how to connect to a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game using MUSHclient - a popular FreeWare MUD game client.

More details about MUSHclient at:

The MUD game server shown is Aardwolf. Details about Aardwolf are at:

You can find over a thousand MUD game server listings at TMC (The MUD Connector) web site:

Most are free to play. Use the Search button at TMC to find a MUD game with a theme and style you prefer. The important thing to take from a MUD listing is the "site" line (near the top of the listing), which looks like this:

site: 4000

In this case you put "" in the "TCP/IP Address" box shown in the video, and "4000" in the "Port Number" box.

If you have trouble connecting to a MUD, see the forum entry:

Some schools, workplaces, and other sites may block access to MUD games.

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