Christ quotes Psalm 40:6 in the LXX the second He is born. Why? What would this tell us? Well first, given the text, He's making it clear that His Body, is NOT Him. 'Prepared' is a body, for the 'Me'. Wow. Pretty bald, huh. Since He's God-man, obviously the body cannot BE Him. So too, for us: pattern of Genesis 2:7, the real person is the SOUL.

Your BODY is not you. It was PREPARED for you though, as this verse proves. 'Prepared' really means first healed and then constructed, due to Adam's sin.

In Christ's case, first Mary's sin-tainted 23 chromosomes had to be 'healed' via meiosis and polar body (a natural biological process); but then the Holy Spirit created an added 23 perfect chromosomes, and added them (rather than the natural process of sperm and egg). THAT is 'the immaculate conception', and it's purely biological. A house being prepared, just like David explains in Psalm 139:13.

Prepared for. NOT, the real you. NOT, alive. Rather, an organic machine. For YOU, are a SOUL. Made alive by God at birth, just as Christ here supernaturally exclaims when He is BORN, quoting from Psalm 40:6 in the LXX. So this video is part of my Prolife Blasphemy playlist ( ).

All Bibles translate this verse fairly well. So there is no excuse for believing you are a you, until BORN. We really need to stop aborting Scripture in the name of politics over whether CAESAR will rule rulings we want, because we don't want to PRAY TO GOD about what we want.

6-page Word doc Prolife Blasphemy series Summary:

Main webpage on the topic, which has a full exegesis of Psalm 139, to prove how horribly it's mistranslated:

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