Do you catch yourself daydreaming about untracked slopes? Are you constantly obsessing about snow totals at your favorite mountain? Do you love the smell of fresh ski wax? If you've answered yes to any of these questions you are well on your way to becoming an Icelantic FIRST TRACKER.

What exactly is FIRST TRACKS?

FIRST TRACKS is Icelantic's answer to traffic jams, deadlines, the hustle and bustle of life, and a way to help our community tap into the freedom and lifestyle that we all love.

In the past four years, Icelantic's First Tracks has evolved into one of the coolest communities of people that we've ever seen. From Corporate Executives to School Teachers, Bankers to Professional Skiers, this un-assuming group of characters from all over the world has committed to living life like it's meant to be lived, and are all united by that tiny, magical thread we know as skiing.

Do you want to have the best ski season of your life?

What are you waiting for?

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