We opened our practice in San Antonio because it's a really friendly community. It's a big city, but it feels like a small town, and we really enjoy living here.

We love where our office is located. It's been so rewarding for us to see so many military families and to be able to help them and give them a healthier smile. I feel so lucky that I'm able to work with my husband every day. We have such a good relationship, and at Rolling Oaks Dental, we're family, and we're able to treat our staff like family and our patients also become our family.

"My favorite thing about coming to Rolling Oaks Dental is the people, because they make you feel so welcome and so much at home. You like being here, and that's something, isn't it?"

I know that people are often times anxious or scared coming to the dentist, but at Rolling Oaks Dental we do everything we can to make it comfortable for the patient. From the moment they walk in, they're greeted with a smile. We offer coffee and other beverages, and when they come to the back, we have blankets and warm towels for after their treatment. We really do everything we can to make their visit comfortable.

"I would tell anybody thinking about coming to Rolling Oaks Dental that this would be the greatest place for them. I told my friend Angela, and so now she and both of her boys come here and they love it just like I do. As well, myself, I am truly satisfied, I would not go anywhere else."

At Rolling Oaks Dental, we want all of our patients to be able to have that healthy, beautiful smile, so we offer a lot of financing options to make that possible.

At Rolling Oaks Dental, we really love seeing children. We do everything we can to make them feel as comfortable as possible, whether it's with games and books in the waiting room, and before we begin any treatment, I always spend a lot of time with them to go over what we're going to do, so that I make sure they are as comfortable as possible, as well as parents.

At Rolling Oaks Dental, you'll never be treated like just another patient. You're a valued part of our practice family.

One of the most rewarding things for me is when a patient refers a family member or friend to our office. It lets me know that they really trust us.

We know that patients have many options when it comes to choosing their dental care. We are so grateful when they choose us.

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