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Nowadays we are all used to computers, microchips, memory cards, smart phones etc. so used that sometimes we find hard to detach ourselves from such technologies. They almost become part of who we are to some extreme cases where those machines become 'us'.
We might have seen the movie Catfish, or at least heard about it. Is the story of a woman with a very problematic life and family situation to the point she looks for evasion through a virtual reality that she personally builds over one of the most famous social networks, Facebook. She becomes someone else. Interacting with those who she meets behind a screen, she creates her own alter ego starting to act as a different person, through her virtually created identity.
Here, we believe is the clear example of human beings becoming subjects of the machine. Here is where it is lost the view of the technology as an extension of us. A product aimed to facilitate our life and make it better. Instead we become slaves of it. We don't learn anything by heart anymore, just because we can access any answer at anytime just doing a quick Google search with our phone or laptop. Those instruments almost become the external hard drive of our own brain. The machines regulate us; technology is controlling us.
With interact, instead we want to remind the user that it is still us that are controlling those machine. Trying to remind people that is still us, human beings, who need to program the software and making it do what WE want it to do. It is all still based on our own actions as well as our will power.

The way we want to achieve this is creating an interactive system where the user is able to generate something creative and being able to modify it through his own actions. An old PC monitor have been emptied of all its parts and a webcam has been placed in the inside. The actual screen has been replaced with a one-way mirror, allowing the webcam to track the users features, where the user will see him reflected in the mirror. This would give the idea of being him "inside" the system. A keyboard will be modified and mounted with piezo touch sensors. Those will trigger a series of instruments loop and allow the user to create a simple and basic composition. The user will be guided through a series of instructions displayed on a LED message board, to carry out specific action. The webcam inside the monitor will be linked to a face tracking application. Therefore, the application will control effect units in Ableton 9 varying the user composition.

What we want the user to realize is that he is the one who is making the changes. He is in charge of what exactly the system is outputting. Without his action the system would be absolutely static and inactive.

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