Kubus ZKM, Karlsruhe Germany
sa, 29.06.2013 16.30h
next_generation 5.0 akusmatik
Internationales Treffen Elektronischer Hochschulstudios

Composer’s comment:
The main concept behind this piece is changing the repetition speed. I have taken a sound file and cut it into sections. The excerpts are repeated at different rates. This affects the sound quality and pitch. When the repetition rate is extremely fast, the output changes dramatically. When each repetition is under 10 milliseconds in length, the original sound is no longer recognizable, and only a sine wave-like timbre remains. This process modifies the micro-structure of the sound.

Technical summary:
This is a Wii-Remote live performance using granular synthesis. The granular-synth and algorithm was programmed in Pure Data. The performer uses Wii-Remotes in each hand and swings them in pitch and roll axis(gyroscope). The granular synthesis algorithm receives motion data from such movements of the controllers, and produces sound in realtime. The buttons on the Wii-Remote also trigger samples and changes performance mode.

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