The Far East, the Middle East and Europe meet in one of the oldest and most appealing of all instruments, the LUTE, played by a Chinese, a Moroccan and a Belgian musician.
They provide the trio LUTHOMANIA with the opportunity to blend Chinese, Arabic and European elements into a harmonious, mixed marriage.
After a load of concerts and two CD's ('Périples' and 'Itinérances'), Luthomania was dreaming of a dialogue with another important family of plucked instruments, the HARP, represented by the Chinese Guzheng, the Arabic Qanun and the European Baroque Harp.
The title 'PERIGRINA' evokes a musical voyage of one culture to another. The program combines intimate, meditative atmospheres with exuberant outbursts of virtuosity.

Most compositions are created by Philippe Malfeyt and Abid El Bahri but improvisation is omnipresent.

Lutes: Abid El Bahri: Oud
Xia Hua: P'ip'a
Philippe Malfeyt: Lute, Theorboe, baroque
Guitar and Colascione

Harps: Hannelore Devaere: Triple Harp
Li-Ling Huang: Guzheng
Osama Abdulrasol: Qanun

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