Elementacular - Autodesk Maya Plugin.

The "Elementacular" project is designed to make it easy and fast to create stunning
visual effects. The goal is to make it faster and more fun for artists to create
photorealistic or artistic natural phenomenons for high-end film, commercials and games.

The project partners has undertaken the task of developing plug-ins for off-the-shelf
visual effects software using state-of-the-art technology in physical-based rendering
and procedural content generation - instead of the parameter-based simulation that is
heavily used in the industry today. By using a high-quality real-time raymarcher coupled
with a strong procedural core we are able to deliver a platform where the artist can
directly manipulate the end result - All in real-time.
We call the concept "Result-oriented design".

Developed in-house at the Alexandra Institute in Aarhus, based on an idea by the three
project partners: Alexandra, Sunday Studio and Javira.

The project is funded by SharePlay/EU and the project partners. The first phase (2013)
of the project is to create a proof-of-concept software platform for Autodesk Maya.

The initial platform features easy volumetric cloud and and rock surface creation.
The platform is cross-platform and could see it’s way into other packages like 3ds Max,
Nuke and After Effects.

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