Since the moment I arrived in Europe, I noticed something a little strange… the bathrooms NEVER have toilet paper. So, promptly after my first wipe exfoliation with sand paper towels, I started carrying a small roll of TP in my backpack. Little did I know, there was another solution available the entire time: THE BIDET. Now, i'm not retarded, I DID know the bidet was for some sort of genital cleansing purposes, but I wasn't exactly sure how nor where (on my body) to use it.

During my trip to Italy, I spent the evening at a friends flat. As expected, I ate more gelato than my lactose intolerant stomach could handle and had to "you know what" in her potty. So I did my deed, reached to the right, and UH OH.. no toilet paper! But of course, to my left, that damn butt sink (aka the bidet).

Thanks to Eleonora, I got a good lesson in proper booty cleaning. And it's actually quite nice.

This video will educate.

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