Dream House is a 3D simulation of a “female” biomorphic architectural structure that dynamically builds up with consumer products over 2 hours. The accumulation of waste occurs in real-time and is left up to chance, producing unique randomized animations and forms. Two cameras capture the realtime simulation from multiple angles, providing numerous experiences of the same scene. The piece is a monument to desire and waste caused by a system that manipulates desire for monetary means.

This project was made possible by the support of Eyebeam Art and Technology Center

About Eyebeam:

Eyebeam in a non-profit art organization that supports and promotes dynamic and risk-
taking work at the intersection of art and technology. Eyebeam provides residencies and fellowships for interdisciplinary artists, hackers, curators, and technologists who are addressing the issues and concerns of our time. Eyebeam is host to a diverse weekly output of exhibitions, panels, workshops, performances and events, and seeks to provide an environment for dialogue and collaboration, as well as a fertile context for discovery among its artists and the general public.

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