Hey guys,


It's been a secret till now but I have officially launched the Kickstarter to my feature film, "War Path", a coming of age crime thriller to be shot in January 2014. I'm reaching out to everyone to see who can help, donate, or share this campaign around so it can be made a reality.

Plot: Joel Carrero, late 20's/early 30's, is newly-wed to Sabrina, a former model with a sweet heart. Victims of a troubled economy, they do all they can to make ends meet and find some place in the world. Joel works with his best friend, Eric, at a job he hates with a hardass for a boss, Frank.

That job, of course, being a professional hit man.

One day, Frank asks an unusual favor: beat up, interrogate, and disappear a cop who's been blackmailing them. Joel is reluctant but agrees to the plan. However, Joel gets more than he bargained for when he meets the cop, Mitchell. Secrets are learned that threaten to take down everything that Joel has built but Frank won't let him just walk away. In retaliation for not doing his job, Sabrina is KIDNAPPED and Joel beaten down. He gets away but what else is there to do but revenge?

We will be shooting the film on the Black Magic Camera and the BM Pocket Camera but need your help to make the production a reality!

Director: Casey de Fremery
Cinematographer: Ferguson Sauve Rogan

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