This video shows the ongoing work on the Greenwood Management's site. Greenwood's personnel are preparing everything for the fresh plantation of forestry tree crops. The company has grown to become a major investor in the region and currently owns around 5,000 hectares.

Greenwood Management was first established in 2008 but the company's first forestry investments in Brazil began progressing in 2009. This video shows some of the land being prepared by Greenwood Management personnel for new forestry investment projects for the 2014 plantation season.

Greenwood Management are currently working on further developing their forestry investment projects in the region and have said that they are currently in the process of obtaining and developing further areas totaling to an approximate 3,000 hectares. the company is constantly working towards becoming the number one forestry operators in the region.

On top of Greenwood's sites located in Brazil, the company also has sites located in Canada that concentrate on the production of Christmas trees that are sold in the region. By 2018 the company should be responsible for around 6% of the regions total sales, meanwhile in New Brunswick, the company is already responsible for 10% of the sales every year.

On top of our agroforestry projects, Greenwood Management also grow horticultural products on various sites across our plantations. This produce is sold in local supermarkets in Brazil under the brand name "Greenwood Horticultura" and their brand name is now known as a trusted and high quality seller.

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