Lilith Performance Studio presents two six weeks long interactive performances by the artists Donna Huanca (US) and Yingmei Duan (CH) at Malmö Konsthall in the exhibition –
24 SPACES – a cacophony, through May - August 2013.

Donna Huanca (US)
Raw Material
Performance 3 May - 16 June. Installation 17 June- 18 August
Open Hours and Days: 11 am -5 pm Wed-Sun.
All visitors at the Konsthall are invited to bring a gift to the artist such as, an item, a piece of clothing or any other object.

Raw Material is a 6-week long performance where Donna Huanca (b.1980 in Chicago, USA) is exposed to the audience’s gaze inside a glass vitrine with a double-sided mirror on the inside - they can see her but she can only see herself.

The audience is given the opportunity to be Huanca’s raw material and invited one by one into the vitrine, under certain rules and agreements. In Huanca’s studio they become an object, a model, a voice, or a conversation partner. All visitors at the Konsthall are asked to bring a gift, like an object, piece of clothing or fabric to contribute and initiate a starting point for engagement or leave the gift in a small drop box on the side of the glass vitrine to be used in the overall installation.

Inspired by the staging of the sterile zoo of Berlin, this installation is lit with 48 florescent lights inside a 24 square meter space- creating a blinding light therapy, typical in this part of the world.
After Huancas departure on June 17th the final installation created will be open to the public until August 18th, 2013.

Lilith Performance Studio is the first combined production studio and arena for visual art performance in Europe. The studio originates new large-scale performances by inviting visual artist to create exceptional performance pieces in a close collaboration with the Studio, from conceptualization to presentation.

For more information: Tel: +46(0) 40 78997
Lilith on Facebook-

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