created by Burkhard Körner (choreography)
in collaboration with Aleksandra Lemm and Giuseppe Vincent Giampino (performance)

This piece unfolded after my trip to Israel in September 2013.
[Jerusalem, city of schizophrenia.]
Once arrived there the tour transformed into a revisit of my own former religious experiences.
[The unlistened screams of pain from every stone. Jerusalem, the whore.]
It developed into a sensational research about phenomena of clashing ideologies.
[You the chosen one. The only one. Poor little doll.]
How to shape the void of existence as remains in a daily war conflict? 
[Squeezed vomit all over your future.] 
There. Elsewhere.

Sobre saltos by Fátima Miranda,
Tundra und Taiga by Sainkho Namtchylak

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