Rigorous live novelty from Ouzande Musicas da terra Festival of this topic included in the second album "Efffecto".

The band Faltriqueira personify the freshest of the scene emerging from the fountains of traditional music. Fusing poliphony with drumming and acoustic instruments.

Faltriqueira is an autonomous vocal project raised in Pontedeume (Galicia), which escapes from the rigid tradition and brings new life to songs collected from diverse latitudes, not only from their homeland.

After many years of hard work on the melodic tradition of the pandereteiras (tambourine women players), these four young singers have put together a collection of traditional tunes in a modern style where voices mix with synthesizers and acoustic instruments such as fiddle, accordion, darboukas, txalapartas, cellos, and guitar.

Their most outstanding feature is the polyphonic arrangement of galician rural villages and of other places and latitude of the world (their melodies as opposed to the traditional monophonic singing of galician rural villages). Tunes like "Vamos dançar", "As sete mulleres do miño", "Agarrado de Brañas Verdes", "Fatou yo", "Canto libre", "Cantiga bailada", "Sae lúa", "Corpiño xeitoso", "Trobadores", "Queridiño", "Adios" or "Ven bailar",.... show very clearly the band's personal and innovative style.

More: myspace.com/faltriqueira and faltriqueira.com/

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