We thought it would be helpful to provide a film that demonstrates some of the casting techniques that can be used to fly fish on the Westcountry's often smaller and brushy rivers.

Spinner and bait fishing are both traditionally the most commonly used methods on many of our streams, particularly for salmon and sea trout. This is probably as a result of these techniques not requiring too much space for casting with space often being at a premium on our streams. However, many anglers are finding that fly fishing techniques can be very effective and are often offer more flexibility allowing fishing in most states of river and at night for sea trout, particularly with the development of specialised techniques and equipment.

These techniques include the use of shooting heads - for distance casting, becoming very popular on reservoirs and sea fishing for bass with the fly, spey lines- for use with double handed rods on larger rivers, and skagit lines – used for fishing large and heavy flies in high water river conditions.

The casts included on the film are types of spey casts demonstrated with a single handed rod. They have been developed for use where minimal space is available for a back cast and are named after the River Spey in Scotland. The River Spey is where the first type of spey cast, the single spey, and some of the others were first developed.

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