Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki

White 12" heavyweight LP with 60 page book in box - out December 13th 2013.

„In the year 2010, I became 60 years old. To celebrate 60 is something special for Japanese as it is 5 x 12 zodiac. At least once in my life, I wished to know more about my native country, so I present myself for my 60th birth year: I spend around 3 months travel through the country I was born and grow up before I left to Sweden. During this trip I met Simon and Bettina in Osaka at one of my Network performances.
After while, Simon contacted me, he and Bettina, both are art students, found interest to do an art project that zoom into Damo Suzuki's life before joined to that German band.
In 2012, I went back to Gräsmark for first time since 40 years. There I met Gittan, her sister and few other people knowing me from the end of 60's when I lived there. Sadly I couldn't meet Helga, my Swedish mother, she died few years ago. All my memories came back like it all happened yesterday. Suddenly my body was covered by time and space of that period of my life.
Simon and Bettina's project -- their life connecting with my time and space I spent when I was young : This book is not just research of my life. Simon and Bettina left their foot prints on my life softly."
Damo Suzuki, 2013

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