MEME, codified by Enzo Celli, is the contemporary dance training from which
CELLI CONTEMPORARY BALLET's artistic language stems.
Enzo Celli’s dancers are artists coming from different backgrounds who share the same multifaceted study on contemporary dance and theatre. On this formative concept is based Meme.
As a codified training, MEME becomes a pure experimental method during the productive phase of the Company.
MEME is based on a strong theatrical and physical impact. Theatrical elements are important subjects belonging to the company artistic background.
Therefore each dancer can dance as a soloist and put his own individuality on stage.
On the innovative method of Enzo Celli’s work three thesis have already been discussed.
In order to create a dynamic characterized by a strong physicality in relation to the floor, MEME's main exercises  focus on the core of body and its relation to  movement. Working on the dynamic and the rhythm of bounce, the circularity, together with a  new self-perception, become important elements of study.
MEME also analyzes the Floor Work main steps and explores different contaminated styles, that is what characterizes Enzo Celli's expressive style.
MEME gives the possibility to every type of dancer, even the youngest ones and those who are not physically trained enough, to experience very exiting classes.

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