Video for the song "Atria, ventricles and arteries"
Written, directed and filmed by Claudia Mollese and Oh Petroleum
Editing - Claudia Mollese
Filmed during the "Circe 2013" festival - Ustica (PA) Italy
Production - "Associazione culturale Isole di Circe" and Oh Petroleum, with a contribution from Marsèll music

Atria, ventricles and arteries
Written, performed and recorded by Oh Petroleum
Mixing and editing - Stefano Manca at Sudestudio

Though she was black she was pale face
She said “who’s gonna be the woman in this case?”
We laughed by the window, by the window we laid
I saw birds in the bushes that day
There was something strange in the air
“I’m gonna get hurt if I tangle with her”
She was trying to make something happen to me
I could have died under her giant dirty feet
Proud of my armored heart
Atria, ventricles and arteries
I nearly lost my whole belly
As I followed her down

Then she got cold, Australia was burning,
I felt safe as long as the record kept playing
Music melted the best and the worst of me
She started dancing, like an ocean she did seethe
‘Twas an ancient ritual fire dance
Image of a madman who is gonna eat his friends
She cupped her hand to blow love words in my ear,
words they came in, stayed, then had to disappear
Chairs crashed on the floor
I saw my stomach in a basin
Her feet started a-stomping
So I followed her down.

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