This was my first attempt at time-lapse. Appreciate all comments, feedback. I loved doing this and would recommend it to anyone for a fun project. All info on how I achieved this is shared below:

Nikon D5200, 18-200mm lens, tripod, Final Cut Pro X

Full manual mode (to avoid camera refocusing and to keep light consistent)
Daytime: 1/80- 1/125 F6-6-9 ISO 100 (F stop number higher -more closed- to keep more of scene in focus)
Dusk: 1/25 F3.5 ISO 200
Night time: 1/13-1/2.5 F5-6.3 ISO 200-600 (open longer to soak up light and create light trail effect)
(I also tried miniature mode in effects for 2 events)

JPEG Small 2992x2000 quality Normal or Fine (for HD 1080p output with room for crop/ pan too)
(JPEG Large 6400X4000 - suffered time lag delay with interval shooting of 1 or 2 seconds and is more than you need to shoot output 1080p)

Interval shooting timer every 1 second or 2 seconds for 300-400 shots
300 Shots at 1 second is 300 seconds (5 minutes). This equals 12.5 seconds of footage at 24 FPS

The Nikon D5200 can do this without an external intervalometer up to 999 shots. Go to: Menu/ Shooting mode/ Interval time shooting/ On/ Choose start time - now/ interval 00:00:01/ Number of times -300/ Start -On etc...

Interval length is determined by subject's speed of movement. I chose 1-2 seconds to capture people walking, cars and Millenium Eye. Anything longer would make the final output jolty and/or too fast. Consider subject's movement and speed. E.g. Showing the movement of clouds might require 5-10 second intervals and sand dunes might require 1/day for 365 days! as I saw once on a BBC programme

In FCPX: Create new event/ import media/ import photos/ highlight all photos in folder/ drag and drop to timeline/ highlight all/ right click/ change duration/ PRESS '1' then hit ENTER (so each frame rate is 0.1 i.e. 00:00:00:01)/ right click again/ New compound clip/ repeat steps above until all events are imported/ File/ Share/ Apple devices 1080p etc...

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