--- for more information about what Islanders are doing to lobby the PEI Government for Access to a full range of reproductive and sexual health facilities please visit: THE PEI Reproductive Right Organization's web site - prro.lostwarren.com ----

Access to sexual heath and female reproductive facilities continues to be a social injustice and struggle faced by women all across the globe. In Prince Edward Island, Canada - a place that is considered to be a leader in human rights and social justice - there is no sexual health clinic or female centred resource/health centre focused on female reproductive and sexual health. In 2013 - Island women must travel off Island to receive a full range of sexual and reproductive services and consistently face six to twelve month wait periods to see a health specialist trained in the female body.

This mini documentary is the the second installment of a larger project (( - See the first installment here: vimeo.com/57465750 - )) that brings together Islander's thoughts and opinions on this topic.

Presented here are the faces of women listening to their peers, neighbours, and community members expressing their opinions and thoughts on the topic "Access to female reproductive and sexual health facilities on Prince Edward Island" - As the documentary grows the faces will diversify in race, age and identified genders.

This work is part of Becka Viau's MFA Studio Research, for more information visit: proximityanddistance.wordpress.com

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