Uploaded this video to my channel because I was a part of this, I played the part of Loki. The creator of this video, I believe is young (we have never met) but his style although maybe to some on Vimeo is more primitive than their work, he has a definite style that needs to be shown and the humor in his Lokimon mini series is witty and sometimes dry but I love it. I am sure 'The Creator' of this video has a bright future ahead of him!

Lokimon: Looking to snap out of his Christmas-induced funk, Loki takes Tony Stark's advice and tries his hand at directing the Avengers' annual Christmas play. A parody of the television special "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Check out the channel of the multitalented Yuki Hibino, who sings (and wrote and arranged) the theme song, here: youtube.com/HibinoYuki

And also the websites of the talented VAs who lent their voices to this project:
Ian Kovich (Thor): youtube.com/VAKenkaku
Glenn McKenzie (Loki): mckenzievoice.com
Tony Stevens (Iron Man; Dr. Bruce Banner):
Vanessa Zang (Black Widow): vanessazangvoice.webs.com/
Melanie Presson (Pepper Potts): youtube.com/kbrandis

The Creator:

YouTube Link: youtube.com/watch?v=jiIek9IhC80&list=UUMoJ_KsdmjHVy81X_BYXGrQ

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