that's awesome best fair use on youtube!.

antonigames see to hot babes in surgery and
finally has become new dentist has to new tooth?...

this program family antonigames tv and sponsor by copyrighted. fair us :
Federation Awesome In Registed United States On YouTube

In the United States, copyright law allows for the fair use of copyrighted
material under certain limited circustances without prior permission
from the owner. Under the law, determinations of fair use take intro aacount
the purpose and character of the use, the nature of the copyrighted work,
the amount and substantiality of the work used in relation to the work as a
whole, and the effect of the use upon the potential market for the
copyrighted work. other jurisdictions may have similiar copyright
provisions protecting fair use or fair dealing. if you are uncreatin as to
whether a specific use qualifies as a fair use, you should consult a qualified
copyright attorney.

tags : antonigames, at, the, surgery, teeth, dentist,
teenage, comedy, antoni, pieter, antonipieter

check out this trans scripts :

antonigames pieter yahya :
oh no, i too late from watched movie iron man
3 on iTunes or Samsung Hubs. and also from this
has eating my hamburger or candy was teeth no.

good food and no good drink. i can't yourself
this my new teeth at the surgery teeth has to
become doctor man the teeth good.

dentist girl :
mr. antonigames. and please to the has from
special from dentist at the surgrey teeth you
new tooth. special to the?.

conclusion -

antonigames pieter yahya :
oh fuck!. oh no no no no was dangerous here?

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