Nike approached us to create the content for their in-store digital alcoves, for the release or the new hi-vis winter range of football boots. The digiwalls work on proximity sensors, activating when the displays are approached. The units utilise a holographic projection technique that captures the images on a micro film situated on a thin layer of glass sitting in front of the shoes. Nikes football Digiwalls are located in flagship stores across Europe; including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and, soon to be, London.

Our task was to devise a graphic language that captures both the dynamic properties and technical nature of Nikes top of the range football boots. The focus was to harness the physical nature of the holographic units and create content that feels as dynamic and technical as the shoes themselves. Included in the brief was the need to differentiate between the 4 boots on offer (Mercurial / Hypervenom / Tiempo / CTR360) while keeping the animations looking very much like a family.

We focused on a simple black & white palette, allowing the hi-vis colour ways of the boots to stand out. The animations were designed to enable components to flow and wrap around the boots, simulating the kinetic energy and forces involved in the sport. We created a base layer, of animating vortexes that were then tailored to each of the 4 boots with additional elements that specifically highlight properties of the individual boots.

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