Audio-reactive procedurally generated visuals as part of an ongoing research about writing a compilation of algorithms that reacts to audio for VJing, Live events, DJ sets, so on.
Software test drive:

Conceptually, i also wanted to investigate the problem of informations transmission in the case of natural disasters, hence applying multiple layers of distortion to the broadcasted datas (pictures).

I can't deny that i'm a big fan of Ryoichi Kurokawa and got inspired by this other video:
The track used here is 'RN4-09' by Aoki Takamasa, japanese electronic artist featured on the label RASTER NOTON. If you don't have good speakers, put on your headphones…Aoki puts a lot in the bass line!

This was coded in C++/OpenGl/GLSL

Last but not least...
If you are a photograph, a sound designer, a DJ, a VJ, an event organizer…please get in touch :)

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