Official music video "Gemini" off the new vinyl EP "X"
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a thee in me assaults from behind
a veil of haze has darkened my mind
a soul all-seeing, yet numb and blind
antagonism of two of one kind
conjoined twin in a ritualized fight
born to perform the sacrificial rite
faceless creature looses second sight
tumbling through darkness by speed of light

mein Herz pulsiert und doch steht es still
I've fully recovered but i'm still ill
ich renn und renne aber bleib steh'n
my life is shaped by pleasure and pain

with a blunted edge i'm stabbing my back
split personality on the attack
freak of nature, identic double-pack
self-contradictionary human wreck
I'm trying hard to quit this game
inner reflections drive me insane
multiple mes and noone to blame
looking alike but not quite the same

I and I - gemini

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