Check out the ORIGINAL here -
Check out our previous stop-motion video for the Bishops 'NOWHERE TO RUN' here -

'Polygonn' is a hand drawn rotoscope animation composed of over 2,500 individual illustrations. Animator Nick Black spent over 6 months tracing each frame from the original live action footage onto paper in a technique called "rotoscoping" - with 12 drawings representing a second of footage. We then photographed these drawings and let them run in order to create the video you see here.

Polygonn is the first single off the Bishops new album 'All Lost Time'. To stream and purchase the check them out at - . Buyers of the new Bishops album on vinyl will get an original drawing inserted in the record!

Director / Editor / Compositor - Ben Aston - @BenAstonDir -
Animation / Camera Operator - Nick Black -

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