I met him a few weeks ago. I have visited him almost every day since we first spoke. We now have a certain amount of mutual trust. He's been on the streets for many many years.

I first spotted him one morning on my way to work and had to take a shot. Later that day I was looking at the shots on my computer and it got me to thinking about the general problem of homelessness in Ireland and what kind of people end up on the streets. I had to go back and speak with him without a camera and find out more. I suppose it was a mixture of both curiousity and concern.

I hope this short vid which was quickly shot a few days ago goes some way to making people more aware of the homelessness within their own communities. There are many organizations around the country caring for the homeless. They require both your help and your money not just at Christmas but all year round.

Our conversations are very interesting and we have discussed homelessness on a number of occasions. He is fully aware of my intentions with this video and has given me permission to make it public.

For the tekkies. I shot it on a 5d Mk3 and edited in iMovie.

twitter: @KaraokeJogger

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