How do young students develop outside of their school time? How do young artists' relationships change because of artistic success?

The question came up as a response to the digital project assignment for this year's Adobe Youth Voices Program, called Inside/Out. Teachers participating in the program were asked to plan the film by thinking of young people's qualities and achievements and to express hopes concerning the young generation.
Students are having achievements which help them rise above their condition of pupils, both in school as well as out of the school's walls. This made me chose the journey theme as adequate for putting all the pictures together. Young people's journey through their learning, practice and exams.

There is a turning point inserted towards the end of the slide show, a longer-than-expected black screen that is intended to let the viewer think of the unwilling and sometimes painful choice between a life dedicated to work and the time left for friendship, a choice which sometimes career is asking from us.

This film is inviting viewers to appreciate informal ways of education, to never forget old friends, simple life, respect, when the time to grow/change comes.

The material still needs much work regarding the timing of the frames and the relationship between the basic colors of slides, in order to give narrative unity to the two parallel stories, which, in this rough cut, might not get a real chance to get noticed.

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