If you haven't seen it you should check out the final video here: vimeo.com/80683467

Rich did a great breakdown of how he created the visuals (vimeo.com/80642128) so I thought I'd try to peel back the curtain on the sound design a little for all you audio geeks. Since I produced the music as well as the sound design I could be strategic about what sounds to use that would compliment the music and vice versa. But unfortunately there were some places where I would have liked to keep the music low so the sound design would come out, but it just didn't work well with the narrative. For instance the lotto ball machine provided a canvas for some interesting sound design but I knew it would end up fairly buried under the music.

So, for all you guys who care here's a pass with just the sound design. If there are any questions I'd love to answer and start a dialog. I love the sound design community on Vimeo so thanks for checking this out!

By the way, I also released a free EP which includes the music arranged into a longer track and some of the other music demos I worked up for the project. thebuffalo.bandcamp.com/album/airspace

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