Into Darkness is a single player web game where the player traverses a maze filled with the darkness they bring in.

The game was developed at DePaul University for a Bluelight Project. This Bluelight project was a transmedia project focsed on creating games about mental disorders that affect college-age students. We focused on four disorders for our project; OCD, Eating Disorders, Biopolar and ADD.

Into Darkness was the game created to instill the emotions that OCD caused in people with the disorder. The game is not meant for those with OCD, but rather for those who want to understand what the disorder is like.

The game was made of an HTML5 website to house the bredth of work created for the project, which is currently still under construction.

During the games production, I was the sole artist on the project, creating all the art in the game in a combination of Flash and Photoshop. I also took part in design discussion and generally had a say in the direction the game took.

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