An Advert for Conservation...

Various indigenous species of flora and fauna are disappearing or have already been lost in Scotland, the UK (and worldwide). Re-introduction has been managed in the past with the Red Squirrel and other animals (though they are once again under threat), but how do we stop our native beasts from declining further? Do we know what we are losing and have already lost?

This concept involves ten audio maximum points scattered around the city where the call of animals can be heard in a 1 metre (squared) area. After which a silhouette of the animal in question will be projected travelling along wall nearby for a short period of time. This installation provokes public thought orientated around what species used to inhabit the local area before human urbanisation became so prevalent and if we do not respect our environment then we will end up destroying theirs.

Matt Hilley
Luke Augustine
Petr Chutny
Leanne Fischler
Eilidh Ellery
Jiaru Shi
Clint & Ruth

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