Here is the Visual Recipe for Chef AK's flagship beverage, Turmeric Delight. For complete directions on how to make this tasty and healthy treat, visit

- Fresh Turmeric Root - Fresh Ginger root
- Fresh Mint leaves - Cardamom
- Pink Himalayan salt - Cayenne Pepper
- Coconut Nectar - Lemon
- Spring or Filtered water - Rescue Remedy by Bach

DIRECTIONS (1 liter batch)

You will need a juicer for this. If you dont already have one, treat your self!!!! To begin select a small handful of turmeric, toss it in the juicer. Next for the ginger either put an equal amount of ginger or if you prefer less spicy add half the amount. Once you have the turmeric and Ginger juiced which will end up being a small amount of liquid add 1 fresh squeezed lemon to the juice pitcher. I like to add some of the spices into the mix prior to botteling. You will notice that when you do poor the mix into a bottle some of the spices will stick to the bottom of the juice pitcher. Once the brew is added to the bottle of your choice top off with your water source. Leave a little room to add more ingredients. Next comes the agave. Agave is a very strong sweetener so use sparingly. Add in cayenne, salt and cardamom to taste. A pinch of each goes a long way. As I have learned it is always best to start with little and add in more as needed. This will allow you to develop your taste buds and become a top mixologist of your own. I finish the batch off by adding in fresh mint leaves and 4 drops of Rescue remedy by Bachs which is flower essences that are great for lifting the spirits and relieving stress

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