This was the final project of our motion media class in which we were to create a 1-5min video (with audio) telling a narrative based on two words that are opposite of each other.

I had originally thought about "real vs. imaginary," but as the project progressed, it leaned more towards "good vs. evil." This was a first attempt at animating and working with keyframes in After Effects, as well as composing sounds and music on Garageband.

(Some may recognize the "Game Over" theme as a little nod to a game I was playing at that time, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.)

Looking back, what I had planned for this project was far too ambitious for the limited time we had, but had there been a later deadline, I would have added some extras to further emulate a video game such as power ups, levelling up, and more minions to battle. However, as a first animation project, I am pleased with the final result and the new knowledge gained about the process of animation and video editing.

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