Political dance film, shot in unique Soviet Era architectural structure in Solovki Island Russia. The unique building was the hangar for a dirigible (airship) that delivered supplies to the GULAG. Solovki Island and the GULAG are known to us through the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. This building temporarily housed the Art Angar Center for Contemporary Arts that sponsored our dance residency on the island.

Concept / Choregraphy: Maida Withers
Dancers: Maida Withers and Anthony Gongora
Music: Audrey Chen, Vocals/Cello
Camera: Linda Lewett
Editor: Megan Whittemore

This project was made possible by
The Trust for Mutual Understanding
The Center for Contemporary Art in Solovki, Russia
Luyba Kusovnikova
Yevgeny Sharuba

Produced by
Maida Withers and The Dance Construction Company

Maida Withers
Shot (2004) Film Circuit (2010)

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