I created this video for my son & new daughter Rebecca as a wedding gift. It represents from birth to their wedding day, the basic paths in life they took from places they lived, how they met, and where they went after graduation from college before uniting again. (Caleb took a trip for 15 months to South Korea & visited multiple countries there, which would have taken forever to do, not to mention his overseas studies in 4 counties.) I made virtually all the props in this video, and painstakingly had to move every prop (some in different timing than others) to create this video. I took over 6000 photos to reduce it down to about 1200, and interjected about 550 photos, in which I took most of Caleb's & some of Becca's. I have invested up to 1000 hours over a 5 month period in order to produce this video. I give all credit & rights to the following awesome artists in whose music I used in the creation of this production:
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - Green Grass
Steven Curtis Chapman - Somewhere in the World
Daniel Boone - Beautiful Sunday
Reliant K - Must Have Done Something Right

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