1. Nuclear Omnicide - Merciless Butcher
2. Blodorn - Coupable
3. Shrapnel Storm - Detracked
4. Pervertor - Realm Of Stagnation
5. Blackrat - Black Thrashing Massacre
6. Black Messiah - Edmund Von Ostanglien
7. Empire Of The Scourged - Der Wanderer Über Dem Nebelsee
8. The Wakedead Gathering - Collector Of Memories
9. Indoctrine - Indoctrination
10. Nazghor - The Throne Of Darkness

Nuclear Omnicide: facebook.com/nuclearomnicide
Blodorn: facebook.com/blodornband
Shrapnel Storm: facebook.com/shrapnelstormband
Pervertor: facebook.com/blackthrashalkoholiks
Blackrat: facebook.com/blackratattack
Black Messiah: facebook.com/blackmessiah666
Empire Of The Scourged: facebook.com/empireofthescourged
The Wakedead Gathering: facebook.com/thewakedeadgathering
Indoctrine: facebook.com/indoctrineband
Nazghor: facebook.com/pages/nazghor/144957632333284

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