XTRNGR A/V show with Desilence Studio

The visual show that Desilence Studio(DSLNC) has designed for XTRNGR captures the essence of the music to perfection from this artist. It manages to combine the abstraction and the symbolism, the light and the darkness that stays embodied in a sequence of graphic images that comes to life in sinuous shapes and hypnotic narratives that traps the audience in the auditory atmospheres that XTRNGR made us so used to.
DSLNC has tailored a powerful show that can be adapted and mapped on different structures and stage designs complementing to perfection the versatility of styles in XTRNGR's music.

XTRNGR - Behind this pseudonym hides Kenny Pérez from Barcelona.
His music mixes different styles of experimental electronica ranging from IDM to the latest tendencies from bassmusic, experimantal and complex music but always with a great dosis of emotionality.
Since his start in 2010 he has been pubilished in varios netlabels and independent labels all over the world like Cold Tear Records, Outlier Records, or Fonk to name a few. In 2012 he released the album "Together" with the label Discontinu Records for which he recieved very good reviews from the press leading to performing concerts at festivals like Mutek, Sonar and MIRA!.


DESILENCE STUDIO is Tatiana Halbach and Søren CHristensen a visual artist studio settled in Barcelona with more than 15 years of experience in art direction, technical direction, interactive design and motion graphics. Since they joined forces their creativity, technical foresight and professionalism shined through their live visuals, the virtual scenography they created for theatre, musicals and dance performances, commercial events, concerts and installations. DSLNC has been performing live visuals among others in London, New York, Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen.


Filmed at NiU Barcelona - niubcn.com
and MIRA Festival Barcelona - mirafestival.com

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