On Dec. 1st, Members of the Umatilla and Warm Springs Tribes along with dozens of climate justice activist from around the Northwest blocked the movement of a megaload shipment bound for the tar sands. In this video, Cathy Sampson-Kruse talks about her motivation for stopping this shipment: climate, sacred lands and a responsibility to our decedents for 7 generations.

To get involved & for more info go to PortlandRisingTide.org

The shipment is a 901,000 lb. water purifier used in the extraction and expansion of the Alberta tar sands development. Activists and tribal members oppose the use of Oregon roads and waterways to facilitate the expansion of the most destructive industrial project on earth and because the corporations failed to consult tribal governments before planning to move this giant piece of equipment through native land.

The Alberta tar sands deposit is one of the largest remaining stores of carbon on earth, it uses more water and creates more carbon per gallon than any other source of oil currently on the market.

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