The final word in glamour. As Jan Te Bont brings his Renaissance, along comes 'The Jan Te Bont Annual Model Directory 2013'.
A featurette containing the best shots, from the best cuts, from the best scenes, from the best models and ofcourse from the Apex Photographer himself. Why Apex? cos JTB knows no boundaries or limitations concerning his creativity! It's a mission to go beyond photography, to go beyond cinematography, to go beyond directing, to go beyond filming, to go beyond editing, to go... where no man has gone before.And not just any man... Cos who can handle the most beautiful women in the world? All in one spot, one place, one moment in time and basically everytime. It goes beyond thought and instinct to craft this legendary footage. And that's what THE HUMANIS UNIVERSALIS is all about. A movement set out by Jerome Modigliani, the creative force behind Jan Te Bont.
While JTB also has become a creative platform for unique talents, models, mua's, cameramen, photographers, editors and lots more it also has put it's mark on the glamour industry as it is. With new elan and new vigour, Jan Te Bont brings out his unique style with topclass models from around the globe. And with these stars you cannot miss!
World's finest ANNA PERRET sets out her amazing measurements. But also her class, sensuality, intelligence and energy into every release from JTB outthere!
Then.. The Goddess of JTB... LANA DEALESSI. Truely worldclass and one of a kind. An amazing lady who defines glamour to her own way: The Cinematic Glamour. Exclusivity is what she stands for!
ANNABELLE LA BELLE, a young and ambitious lady who brings out her finest curves with the grace of a queen.
EMMA SARAH GREEN, a unique character in the whole mix who breathes sensuality, sexuality and sultriness. She is indeed, the perfect blonde for... JTB!
SAMANTHA ASHLEY is the busty and ultra sexy lady who brings in her unique hairlenght and amazing figure that goes beyond any scope! But not only that, she is also a clothing designer and creates her own products!
NATHALIE NC, The Dutch/Asian beauty is a personal discovery from JTB and she is his stronghold concerning luxury and style! And still is an alltime favourite for many!
ROBIN ROXETTE is the energetic, curly, curvey and personal tornado of JTB. What power! What force! She is unstoppable and truely a unique beauty! With her positive energy and clownesque moods she lights up any set!
TALLYTA GEBHARDT is the Brazilian beauty of the bunch and yes. She has the most amazing curves this planet has ever seen. The footage never lies!
VIVIAN FOX is another new talent on the horizon to make the dangerous curves we already have even more dangerous. Amazing hair, face, body and style!
Also featured is DENISE LEWARISSA, a multitalent lady who does all the makeup, hair and styling of all JTB models and herself. A beautiful and fantastic character in the JTB story and JTB righthand.
The notorious, ambitious, glamorous Duchess of JTB called MALISSA DUTCH is one sexy fox who pushes the boundaries of JTB to new heights. A stunning performer, beauty and hotness!

WIth more and more beauties seeing the force of JTB, u can be guaranteed JTB will focus on what beauty lies behind new horizons. A magical endeavour which knows no end.
And that's the beauty of it all... The MAGIC has just started! ENJOY!

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