"Domingo Azul" - an Original Song
Produced and Performed by Mark Jeffery Campayno


This song was birthed on Saturday and Sunday (November 30/December 1).

I had three or four ideas and played around until they seemed to be in sequence.
I improvised melodies above a majority of this relatively short work.

I could foresee lyrics on this. With a bit of tweaking I'm sure we could come up with something.

Write, create, improvise. That seems to be a solid formula for musical output. Don't over-think and certainly don't under-think the process.

As for the title, well, Sundays can become reflective for me. As the day wears on and the reality of a new week hits, it can give one pause as to looking back and learning from the past.

Just remember to play the music and let it happen.

Thank you all.

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