After throwing myself repeatedly at the "boss hold" on the Hulk, I finally stuck the dyno and sent. One of my favorite climbs yet, and I'm stoked it only took me one session to get it. As a 5'3" climber with a -1" ape index, the toe hook and cross just wasn't going to work - but the dyno was a blast and a really fun bit of movement.

Many thanks to my sponsors Skratch Labs for supporting the pursuit of my passions and keeping me hydrated and crushing out there on the rocks. And a huge thanks to those brave souls who spotted me while flying through the air and to anyone who had pads at Central Happiness. Shout-out to Nate for the footage and Cal Climbing for being awesome!

Time (cdk Give Me Some Dubstep Mix)" by cdk (feat. Covert, SackJo.) is licensed under a Creative Commons license Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

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