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I wanted to travel, film and work with organic and urban farmers, many sustainable farming and food projects will be featured in upcoming videos. So, I got a bike. If I were going to be cycling through the major cities, I figured I may as well plant some shit.

Before I started my trip from the Netherlands, I had never cycled 25 miles or 40 kilometers in a day, let alone every day. Then, I ended up doing around 100 km a cycling day and upwards of 250 km in a day. I hardly prepared for the trip, leaving with 2 bags and no camping gear. The first few weeks were rough, then I got the hang of it and the 3 months went by in a flash. Cycle touring is the BEST and most affordable way I have ever traveled, I can't think of traveling any other way.

Get a bike, get some seeds and let's see that our soils are healthy for a long, long time.

Thanks for watching

Twitter: twitter.com/organic_urban
Facebook: facebook.com/organicandurban
Instagram: instagram.com/organicandurban

I rode solo for more than half the trip and with three lovely people during the remainder. Thanks for dealing with me Elise, Mike and Robin.

Many wonderful individuals offered their couches to me along the way, thanks to: Nick, Mary & Fred, Aine, Paul, Megan, Werner & Moshko, Linda, and especially Tom Kirk -- And thanks to all those that allowed me to put my tent up in their lawn/field/garden.

Great thanks to those who helped me out when my bike died: Thierry & Brigitte, Dale, Maggit & Paul.

To Peter Bourke, who did a grand seed bank cycle tour that inspired me to embark on this trip.

Finally, thanks to the farmers and sustainable food organizations that allowed me to work, film and talk with them.

Bike: koga.com

Music: Woodkid - The Great Escape - youtube.com/watch?v=NxNIT5hM8c0

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